Smath Studio 0.96.4868

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Smath Studio 0.96.4868

Post#1 by RamonTavarez » 03 May 2013, 04:43

This time I bring Smath Studio, a symbolic and numeric algebra freeware with an easy and friendly graphic interface. You can isolate variables, make integrals, matrices, 2d and 3d graphics of functions, programming.

Refer to ... -2013.aspx for more details.

It's based on C# and works with MONO and GLIBGDIPLUS to run on linux distros.

I've testes it and runs fine on Porteus 2.0.


Smath Studio 0.96.4868:
size: 824 KB
md5: d93d7ede88c38cfaed661f92fd693e05
link: ... 6.4868.xzm

Mono 2.11.4:
size: 62.4 MB
md5: 71a77cb7967a61f668cfbcb6e4d997d8

libgdiplu 2.10.9:
size: 148KB
md5: c182526b3ca3e4a24f88ac5363c501ea
link: ... 2.10.9.xzm

Enjoy it! :beer:

NOTE: This version have been updated to 0.96.4909. Refer to to obtain the new version.
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Re: Smath Studio 0.96.4868

Post#2 by xtudiux » 03 May 2013, 06:30

Thanks for the apps...This I gonna try since I'm in an educational institution... :D

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Re: Smath Studio 0.96.4868

Post#3 by wread » 06 May 2013, 00:45

Fine business, Ramón! :Yahoo!:
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Re: Smath Studio 0.96.4868

Post#4 by brokenman » 07 May 2013, 01:22

Nice stuff. Feels like geek heaven. Sheldon, Raj, Cooper and Leonard are probably already using Porteus. Thanks very much for your great contributions Ramon.
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