Porteus v2.0.2 Kiosk Edition is released!

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Porteus v2.0.2 Kiosk Edition is released!

Post#1 by fanthom » 22 Apr 2013, 15:03

The Porteus Community is pleased to present Porteus Kiosk Edition Version 2.0.2

This distribution release includes bug fixes, software updates and new features. At a mere 38 megabytes, the Porteus Kiosk Edition ISO includes just the libraries and utilities required to run Firefox in a secure environment, making this a perfect fit for kiosks and other web terminals. You can also download our updated kiosk wizard, which automates the customization process while keeping the Kiosk edition locked down and secure.

Here's our changelog from v2.0.1 to 2.0.2:

New Features in Kiosk Wizard:
- added the possibility of shutting down Kiosk Edition with the Ctrl+Alt+Del key combination. Screenshot: link
- added Asian font support: Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Japanese, Thai and more through an external module
- added the ability to disable the Flashblock addon

Wizard Upgrades/Fixes:
- upgraded to latest Flashplayer
- upgraded the 'isohybrid' utility to the version from Syslinux-5.0.1
- switched from seconds to minutes in the 'set Firefox idle' function

Upgrades and Fixes to the ISO:
- upgraded to xorg-server-1.12.4 which fixes an input flush bug with evdev
- recompiled the kernel to fix non working html5 audio
- switched the default font to 'Dejavu Sans' which supports additional languages, such as: Arabic, Hebrew and Persian
- added a stripped down oxygen icon theme to make the Firefox UI look nicer
- the system automatically detects the Firefox version, so Firefox can be upgraded without editing the config files
- removed the Webconverger addon
- disabled auto-update for addons
- disabled Ctrl+q/Ctrl+w/Alt+4 and other firefox specific keybindings, re-enabled most of the Alt key functionality
- disabled external handlers (mailto/news/nntp/snews)
- disabled warnings about missing/outdated firefox plugins
- forced the opening of firefox windows in tabs

You can download the ISO and the Wizard from the Kiosk download page:

For more information on installing and customizing Porteus Kiosk Edition, please visit the Kiosk FAQ:
FAQ link

Thanks for using Porteus!
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