Website doesn't work

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Website doesn't work

Post#1 by ITemplate » 18 Apr 2013, 15:32


I can d/l from, but all links for faq, docs are failing with redirect error. Since there is no documentation within the Porteus distro (at least the faq and help in the menus opens porteus website), that is really fail. This has been going on for 2 days now.

Where to report?


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Re: Website doesn't work

Post#2 by Hamza » 18 Apr 2013, 15:39

Everything seems to works fine here. Can you provide us a link or a screenshot of the error you are having on the website?

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Re: Website doesn't work

Post#3 by brokenman » 20 Apr 2013, 00:38

Please clear any caches you may have.
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