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Post#1 by francois » 09 Apr 2013, 22:18

To extend gutenprint printer driver database, foomatic database (foomatic-db) would be a good addition to provide extended coverage. We already have foomatic-filters that comes with config-system-printer, but it would be better to be built from source and relate. It would be nice to have those on PPM. So here are the necessary modules:


They have to be built from source: ... .17.tar.gz ... ent.tar.gz ... 0.8.tar.gz ... ent.tar.gz

This is a rather easy task as these source packages do not require additional libraries.

Some numbers should be added to the modules so that they load into a specific order:

"foomatic-db" and "foomatic-filters" should be installed before "foomatic-db-engine", and "foomatic-db" also before "foomatic-db-nonfree"

Note: I could build the modules from source and provided them if this makes your life simpler. I have done it for the 64 bit edition.

Thanks. :)
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