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Re: New members

Post#16 by ElderGeek » 31 Dec 2010, 10:25

ahz wrote:Thanks for the explanation ElderGeek. I looked through the "User Control Panel" in order to find something where I can change the threshold so that I can set my own limit if I have time to "Free Your Mind" :-) Can you give a hint where I can do so?
There is no way to do that currently at this site. I was explaining how Slashdot handles moderating, dealing with trolls and how to do it so that the site admins don't go mad trying to moderate every single comment AND defending those moderations. brokenman has said that he likes the idea. The only problem is that there does not appear to be a drop in solution for phpbb that create a user moderation system.

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Re: New members

Post#17 by X-Factor » 31 Dec 2010, 10:40

from slax forum and i would like all those older members to have higher ranks
agreed., and one might want to add those who create script/module the most, for sure they hate spammer :)
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Re: New members

Post#18 by roadie » 12 Jan 2011, 07:27

Firstly, congratulations on the site. I wasn't at all surprised to see it launched, given the circumstances of the previous Remix dwelling place.

I'm in agreement with ahz on the 4 post thing, I don't see a purpose in it. Trolls will gladly pay a 4 post price in order to spout their crap. Definitely, some form of control is needed, I just don't see this an effective method.

I tend to say little on forums, unless I have something to say and care little for ratings and status. Post counts are not a valid indicator of experience, in many cases the reverse. Having been a member of a few Linux forums over the years, I've seen some degenerate into more of a "top poster" contest than a forum interested in helping new members. I left those forums.

Moderation is key, whether by admins or members although I thought the method of controlling spam on the Slax forum was ridiculous. I don't believe individual members should be given that amount of power, as witnessed by the disappearance of complete threads on the Slax forum. I really hate when threads disappear, it's just not right. I also thought the practice of "guests" posting to be little more that dumb. If someone can't put a name on their post, they shouldn't be posting. Just my opinion, I have many.............. :)

This forum seems to be off on a very good start, I hope it continues and I'll definitely try to help out where I can. You probably won't see a lot of posts from much for my post count............ :cry:


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Re: New members

Post#19 by brokenman » 13 Jan 2011, 05:54

Welcome roadie. It's great to have a seasoned linux forum user posting. I agree on both counts. The 4 post requirement does little (but it does do some) and having good moderation negates the need for this sort of limitation. At the moment we have only 2 moderators so i might leave it as is for a while.

I also think the rank based on post count is not the best way to do things, however it is the default function for phpbb and less time installing mods and editing php means more dev time for me. Perhaps Blaze can sort something out in time.

PS: I've moved you to 'fully registered' so consider your 4 post requirement gone. Thanks for posting and hope to see more.
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