64bit 'guest' account available for testing

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64bit 'guest' account available for testing

Post#1 by fanthom » 17 Jan 2011, 01:21

The poll about default 'root' or 'non-root' account for Porteus is still running (23 days left):
but i have decided to prepare sample 'guest account' for 64bit edition so users can have a chance to check how Porteus may look like in the future :)

Please test 'guest account' and report any issues with it. Suggest what should be added or changed.
Tests should be done on clean Porteus installation - no previously saved 'changes' or /rootcopy stuff which can mess up my settings.
Once you start with fresh install - you can use 'changes' and /rootcopy as normal.
To activate guest account please use 'guest' cheatcode. If you dont use 'guest' cheatcode then you will be logged to root account as normal and everything should work as normal (i hope) even with 'guest_account.lzm' activated.
You can switch between accounts during live session - just log out from KDE/LXDE and log in as a different user (AutoLoginAgain is disabled)
Default password for root is still 'toor' and for guest is 'guest'. During boot time you will be asked for changing passwords only if they match defaults - this is required for security reasons as using guest account with root password well known to everybody makes no sense at all.

I have tweaked most of the scripts so you will be asked for root password when it's necessary:
- activating/deactivating of LZM modules
- using power-saver-switch, pns-tool, mloop, etc...
- converting from tgz/txz to lzm
- using porteus-module-tools and porteus-module-management

Jayflood suggestion about storing root password somewhere for 5 mins is not implemented yet.
All bug reports are welcome :)

you can get it from here:
http://ponce.cc/porteus/x86_64/testing/ ... ccount.lzm

Enjoy :)
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Re: 64bit 'guest' account available for testing

Post#2 by KSA_ARAB » 17 Jan 2011, 05:44

because I use terminal usually and I like to be in root mode to avoid 'sudo, su' in every order.

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