GPAC r4145

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GPAC r4145

Post#1 by Hamza » 14 Mar 2013, 10:13

Here is GPAC in it's version r4145.
GPAC's authors wrote:GPAC is mainly used to package multimedia content for local or streaming
playback. GPAC includes MP4Box utility which lets packaging of
various audio and video codecs into mp4 container.
Download: Link
Size: 3.3M

Note that there is some optional dependencies that may increase the software's power.

Here is a list of them:
  1. wxPython (Download)
  2. js (Download)
  3. faad2 (already included in 002-xorg.xzm)
  4. ffmpeg (available on Porteus Package Manager)
  5. xvidcore (already included in 002-xorg.xzm)
  6. a52dec (available on Porteus Package Manager)
  7. jack-audio-connection-kit (available on Porteus Package Manager)
  8. pulseaudio (Download)
  9. xmlrpc-c (available on Porteus Package Manager)