Porteus-ARM bug reports

Ahau's work on porting Porteus to ARM devices
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Porteus-ARM bug reports

Post#1 by Ahau » 12 Mar 2013, 21:04

I'm starting this thread for users to post bug reports and other troubles. Given that this is all brand new, I'm anticipating a healthy discussion here :)

If anyone from the community is willing and able, I'd be glad to have all the help I can get to resolve the issues that come up.

Known issues:

-Slackyd does not work. It compiles fine, but the binary will do nothing but print the help menu, no matter what parameters are given to it.
-Avidemux will not compile for ARM, so it's missing. If someone has alternative software they'd like to suggest as a replacement, I'm happy to give it a try.
-Porteus Package Manager won't work, so don't try it except to enjoy brokenman's gtkdialog work. There's no additional software in XZM format that you can download, and I'll need brokenman's help to include ARM support in PPM before it will have any functionality at all. We should be able to pull files from slackwarearm and debian once we have the time to implement it.
-Porteus Installer is not present, as it not written with embedded systems in mind.
-there are some missing dependencies in the core and devel modules, but it hasn't affected functionality for me yet, so let me know if you run into issues.
EDIT: a couple more issues:
-flashplayer is not incorporated into firefox. I know flash is an issue for ARM and haven't tackled this yet.
-you may get an error when you shut down the system telling you that /union is being remounted as read only and you should use 'fsck' on the next boot. There is some kind of Heisenberg uncertainty principle at play here. If I insert an 'lsof' at just the right place in the cleanup script, everything unmounts properly. However, I can't tell what's causing the issue, because that requires using 'lsof' to find what's still open, and running lsof apparently causes the rogue open file to close. I'll probably implement "lsof >/dev/null" for future releases.
-automounting flash drives with udisks2 in xfce complains of ACL permissions. For now you can manually create /run/media/$USER and it should work; I'll upgrade udisks2 as a thread on launchpad.net leads me to believe there's a fix for this in newer udisks2. Not sure why it doesn't affect x86 systems, though. 3-14-2013- this is a kernel config issue (ACL needs to be enabled for TMPFS) - resolved.

Please take a look at our online documentation, here. Suggestions are welcome!

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