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Post#1 by sean » 23 Feb 2013, 01:55

In Praise of Porteus, its Developers, Supporters, Inspiration, and Forum Helpers !

Perhaps it should carry the alternate name of Bridge Linux. It seems to bridge that famous gap between the Linux/Unix computer guru/geek and the layperson who just wants to get it done and doesn't care how. I, myself am surely on the layperson end of that spectrum, but I find Porteus wonderfully usefull, especially for portability. And it is not so hard for me to understand, setup, negotiate, add to, etc. Seems to me that Porteus has something for everybody; all the technicality is there for those who desire the challenge, yet the simplicity of the modularity must surely appeal to those less gifted or talented folks, and everyday productive computer users.

30 years with computers and finally.............
like that great auto mechanic your neighbor told you of.............
and that wonderful little restaurant on the other side of town............
I find another best kept secret, on the WWW...........
and the best thing that ever happened to Linux............
and the most sincere developers on the planet.............

Porteus,........ don't leave home without it !

Thank you Porteus Team

PS - Ssshhhh, don't tell anybody :-)........ Ah man, I already did, who could keep a secret like this?

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Re: Praise

Post#2 by fanthom » 23 Feb 2013, 10:03


let's not forget that Porteus is build on the modular philosophy invented on so huge credit goes to Tomas M (main slax developer) and all slackware/slax folks who contributed to it.

Porteus wouldn't be here without the Slax heritage.
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