Poll: How many desktop environments do you use in Porteus?

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Re: Poll: How many desktop environments do you use in Porteu

Post#16 by francois » 18 May 2013, 01:21

What is the conclusion on the desktop as an option or as a module offer?
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Re: Poll: How many desktop environments do you use in Porteu

Post#17 by fanthom » 18 May 2013, 08:57

the conclusion is that majority of users (almost 3/4) use only one desktop so we wont be offering combined desktop editions (KDE4+LXDE) anymore.
instead, we are going to have 4 separated desktop editions (kde4, razor, xfce, lxde) for each supported arch (x86, x86_64).

this approach is better as:
- maintenance is easier
- ISO's are smaller
- each maintainer is free to select an applications which goes to his desktop (previously apps from LXDE were mixing with ones from KDE4).

ISO's are cleaner and lighter :)
btw: Ahau is maintaining XFCE and LXDE, brokenman looks after Razor-qt and i'm doing KDE4.

the downside is that cheatcodes which were letting you select the default desktop (lxde, xfce) are gone as we assume that user is using only one desktop. users who want to keep the possibility of choosing the desktop during boot time will have to use load= (or noload=) cheatcodes to boot into desired desktop.
000+001+002 are exactly the same in each ISO so will work with every desktop module we support.

main apps from each desktop xzm will be uploaded to the repo so if LXDE user wants to use qmmp then can download it through PPM instead of dragging whole 003-kde.xzm (which is 68MB in size).

i hope you'll like the changes we introduce in Porteus-2.1
(a big item is the web wizard made by Hamza which let's you build your ISO from the ground. even now i can tell that it looks and works awesome :))

i'm closing the poll - thanks to everyone who took a part in it.
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Re: Poll: How many desktop environments do you use in Porteu

Post#18 by rayyu » 19 May 2013, 04:02

I cannot even describe how excited I am for these features. I think it fits really well with porteus' modularity, being able to make your own iso. Hamza, that's absolutely amazing! :Bravo: It reminds me of Slax, but iirc that option wasn't there after it was revived, instead there was a 200 mb iso like in porteus now...wow, I'm REALLY excited, it looks like Porteus just keeps getting better and better. Will there be a KDE4 option available when creating a 32-bit iso? Surprisingly, even something bloated to the extreme like Netrunner runs decently on my intel atom netbook :) I know someone on this forum made KDE4 available for 32-bit but I've been super busy and haven't relaly made the effort to try yet. it'd be cool to have it easily availabe though

haha sorry for rambling. Either way I'm really excited :lol: :Yahoo!: :D

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Re: Poll: How many desktop environments do you use in Porteu

Post#19 by ralcocer » 31 May 2013, 11:00

I just upraded to V2 with Razorqt, not the greatest also since I do Arduino development some programs won't run in razor so I also installed LXDE, to my surprise the have merged into one desktop, however in order to run Fritzing I have to login into LXDE there is something with QT that will not run it, but in LXDE it runs OK. I rather have a wizard to select all the options after 001-003. It's a live system anyway.

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Re: Poll: How many desktop environments do you use in Porteu

Post#20 by Johannes » 04 Jul 2013, 20:06

My preference is KDE4. I also like the idea that the desktop environments are standalone nowadays. Three desktop environments at once are great for initially deciding on which desktop environment to choose. After that, one standalone desktop environment is perfectly fine.
JFYI, Call me old-school, but I was always extremely happy with Porteus 1.2 and probably wouldn't have upgraded to 2.0 and 2.1 if regular updates would have still been available for it.



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Re: Poll: How many desktop environments do you use in Porteu

Post#21 by brokenman » 05 Jul 2013, 15:03

When rc2 is released please try mate desktop. I have a friend doing Arduino development and he uses this desktop with success.
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Re: Poll: How many desktop environments do you use in Porteu

Post#22 by UrUtusUbU » 31 Jul 2013, 01:09

i try mate with the final brokenman :)
i see mate in build porteus, good,
lack kde3 :D

I tried to install kde trinity 3.5.13 from the last trinity binaries for slackware, too hard for me to compile this,
i get all binaries and made ​​a module with qt3-3.3.8.d,
i download porteus 2.1 rc2 Kde and i substituted this module for the kde3 module,
but when start desktop this error does not exceed,
everything is in place but the system dont want open libdbus,
I think it may be some dependencies but no idea which,
anyone know how to fix and can help me?, if they can,


if someone wants I can upload the module for testing,
perhaps it is impossible to install it I do not know if anyone knows if you can tell me please,
I think I'll wait to the final version to try again, if they can.

qt3 is not a problem although it seems, you can put a module qt4 and works with qt4.
may be the problem is that trinity used python 2.6, i dont kown.


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