Porteus v2.0 rc2 is ready for testing!

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Porteus v2.0 rc2 is ready for testing!

Post#1 by fanthom » 29 Jan 2013, 10:35

The Porteus Community is pleased to announce Porteus 2.0 RC2, the latest development release of our Standard and Xfce Editions. We've cleaned up several minor bugs that were present in RC1 and have added some new features. Please give this a thorough test so we can continue refining everything for 2.0 final!

Here is our changelog from 2.0 RC1:

- kernel: upgraded to 3.7.5
- kernel config: disabled SCSI_SCAN_ASYNC and PM_AUTOSLEEP

initrd and booting scripts:
- fixed a bug with linuxrc not ejecting CD's in 'copy2ram' mode
- added a function to rc.M which disables discrete video card for PC's with dual graphics setup
- rc.services: added a function for setting brightness when booting on battery
- added 'timezone=' cheatcode which let you set system clock from the kernel command line (thanks to bdheeman for suggestion and Ahau for help with implementation)

porteus scripts:
- updated Porteus Package Manager with support for Slackware-14.0 repositories (native Porteus repo has several hundreds of modules ready to download for each architecture)
- added support for python/perl/functional dependencies to Porteus Package Manager and replaced FIDOSlax repository with Alien
- added 'mount helper' utility which lets you mount Samba share, local or remote ISO, external device
- merged 'sound select', 'timeconfig setup' and 'set kdb layout' applications to Porteus Settings Centre
- added "Porteus Package Manager notifications helper" which will display notifications about new packages in the repo (feature available only for users who are saving changes)
- aufs-remove: added a function for detaching loop devices used by initrd to mount modules (required for proper shutdown)
- optimized update-cache script which will update only necessary system caches (depending on content of the additional modules)
- deb2xzm script has been updated with lzma and xz support

- upgraded KDE4 desktop to latest stable version
- fixed "NOLM_AC_CPU_GOVERNOR=" in cpufreq.conf from LMT
- fixed URL of slacky.eu repository in slackyd config
- added missing udev rule to xf86-input-wacom package
- updated Porteus FAQ and docs in /boot/docs folder
- upgraded to latest Mesa, DDX drivers, smplayer, qmmp, etc...
- upgraded several packages to latest versions pulled from 'Slackware-14.0/patches'
- added firmware to 'extra-firmware-pack'
- switched to 'win8-mouse-cursors-theme'
- added 'iso-codes' package to fix a bug with nm-applet not working with mobile broadband
- added 'media-player-info' package required by KDE4 (and some standalone apps) for identifying media player devices

Xfce-edition specific changes:
-Updated a handful of packages to their latest versions (exo, thunar, tumbler, grsync, pfilesearch, xfce4-terminal and Mousepad)
-note that "Terminal" has been renamed to "xfce4-terminal"
-added the package gtksourceview which is a dependency for mousepad, which has been entirely rewritten
-added epdfview to 32-bit (sorry for the oversight in RC1)
-changed some of the icons in the panel
-converted thunar's right click actions (build module, convert packages, etc) to gtk-dialog (thanks brokenman for writing the script that I borrowed for this)
-a second instance of 'pburn' will no longer start if you insert a blank cd while a first instance of pburn is already running
-added some "roundness" to some elements of the Evolve theme (panel buttons, tabs, etc)
-xkb-plugin uses text codes instead of flags, and changing the layout now affects all applications instead of just the active application

You can download your desired edition from the following links:


You can watch video previews showing version 2.0 in action!
32-bit Razor-qt
64bit KDE4
XFCE editions

Please report all bugs and/or feedback in the development section on this thread:

Thank you to all of the members of the Porteus Community for their help in testing the Release Candidates and providing excellent feedback!
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