Persistence for Dummies - Please

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Persistence for Dummies - Please

Post#1 by mychance » 23 Jan 2013, 18:15


I am trying to activate persistence on a USB key with Porteaus 1.2. I went to Porteus save.dat Manager and set up a .dat file. This far I could figure out. Then a message appears that I have to add "changes=/mnt/sdb1/mychance.dat" to the bootloader config. I guess that the bootloader config would be Boot/Porteus.cfg. So, do I add the line anywhere in that file ? I tries it somewhere in the middle and didn't work.

Most of all, where do noobs like me find out these informations wihout annoying you with stupid questions :)

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Re: Persistence for Dummies - Please

Post#2 by brokenman » 23 Jan 2013, 23:45

Yes everything is correct. In the example below for Porteus v2.0rc1 you should adjust the changes= to point to your new .dat file.

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LABEL razor
MENU LABEL Graphics mode (Razor)
KERNEL vmlinuz
APPEND initrd=initrd.xz changes=/mnt/sdb1/porteussave.dat
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Re: Persistence for Dummies - Please

Post#3 by Ahau » 24 Jan 2013, 15:49

mychance wrote:Most of all, where do noobs like me find out these informations wihout annoying you with stupid questions :)
welcome, mychance!

To answer this portion of your question, the specific info about where to place the 'changes=' cheatcode can be found here: ... d-one.html

and in "Appendix B" of the install guide, which is in the iso at /boot/docs/install.txt or online here: ... guide.html

More information in general can be found in our online documentation section, here:

or in the "HOWTO's and resources" section of the forum.

Hope that helps.

Please take a look at our online documentation, here. Suggestions are welcome!

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