Known bugs Porteus v09 64bit Edition

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Known bugs Porteus v09 64bit Edition

Post#1 by fanthom » 13 Jan 2011, 07:59

Porteus-v09 x86_64 KNOWN BUGS

- 2.6.37 kernel is compiled with gcc-4.4 while porteus use gcc-4.5.1 so compilation of some packages (for example nvidia binary) may be difficult. To be fixed in v1.0
- nouveau driver doesn't work properly when placed in 002-xorg module that's why i had to move it to 003-lxde and 004-kde. Detailed report:
No fix as per today.
- firefox doesn't display animated GIF files properly, problem does not exist in Firefox-4.0-BETA. upsteram bug - to be fixed in 1.0
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