JDK (module for making JAVA programs)

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JDK (module for making JAVA programs)

Post#1 by testsforknowledge » 22 Jan 2013, 16:55

javac or something i need. with UI would be best.
Does anyone know where to find JDK?

thank you

Full of knowledge
Full of knowledge
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Re: JDK (module for making JAVA programs)

Post#2 by beny » 22 Jan 2013, 19:21

now, the source of this software isn't possible to share for a right limitation,so you have to download jdk slackbuild for your arch and go to oracle jdk downloads page and download the source,check if the slackbuild match the jdk version, if not you can change it,build the jdk package and enjoy with it

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Re: JDK (module for making JAVA programs)

Post#3 by fanthom » 23 Jan 2013, 12:39

if openjdk is enough for you then you can find it here:
(not sure which Porteus version/arch you are using so can't provide exac link)
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