Blender-2.6.3 for Porteus 2.0

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Blender-2.6.3 for Porteus 2.0

Post#1 by wread » 20 Jan 2013, 01:49

Blender is a multimedia+graphics application suitable for animation. Its homepage,, is full of information about this program. An extensive tutorial can be also found there.

The porteus-version presented here was build by Prof. Ramón Tavárez, a Porteus fan at UNPHU in Santo Domingo; he uses blender to show his Engineering Mechanics students, essential mechanical relationships. He presented it to me and seems to be ok (he uses it with success!). Credit is for him. A real production tool.

Here is a snapshot of its startscreen:

You can download it from ... 86-rtb.xzm.

Enjoy :Yahoo!:
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Re: Blender-2.6.3 for Porteus 2.0

Post#2 by brokenman » 20 Jan 2013, 16:13

Awesome stuff. Looks like the cockpit of a fighter jet. I'll probably add this to the repo. Give our thanks to Senhor Tavárez.
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