DeaDBeeF as a default music player instead of Qmmp

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DeaDBeeF as a default music player instead of Qmmp

Post#1 by Lukas » 04 Jan 2013, 11:51

I recently stumbled upon and their player is so Foobar2k like, in contrast to Qmmp which is like Winamp :-/ DeaDBeeF user interface is more "Zen" - simple, yet powerful - it matches Porteus philosophy. It supports various rarer lossless audio formats out of the box. Overall the package is lighweight and its good for audio enthusiasts - like me...

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Re: DeaDBeeF as a default music player instead of Qmmp

Post#2 by brokenman » 04 Jan 2013, 13:17

I'll check this out. qmmp has overly aggressive mime type associations which caused me problems in Razor (now fixed upstream) because the whole xdg standard is severly lacking in applications. Mostly size is important with a lightweight distro. If 'zen' is light then it may find it's way in.

EDIT: After a quick look it looks really nice
"play files directly from rar,7z and gzip archive files" (via plugins)

Unfortunately it brings in dependencies and for this reason qmmp beats it for inclusion. I will make it available in the package manager in the final v2.0 release.
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