Porteus Rasberry Pi?

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Porteus Rasberry Pi?

Post#1 by AJones394 » 17 Dec 2012, 11:44

Raberry Pi ==> ARM Chip? Will Porteus support this?

Here is what I found this foir other OSes

(for advanced users)
You can add your own extra operating systems to the menu. However this requires that you convert your file system image to SquashFS format first.
Most Raspberry Pi operating system images are disk images containing two partitions. A FAT partition with the boot loader and kernel files, and a second ext4 partition with everything else. We are interested in the second partition.
With a regular Linux desktop computer that has kpartx and mksquashfs installed, you can convert the second partition to SquashFS like this:
$ sudo kpartx -av image_you_want_to_convert.img
add map loop0p1 (252:5): 0 117187 linear /dev/loop0 1
add map loop0p2 (252:6): 0 3493888 linear /dev/loop0 118784
$ sudo mount /dev/mapper/loop0p2 /mnt
$ sudo mksquashfs /mnt converted_image.squash -comp lzo -e lib/modules
$ sudo umount /mnt
$ sudo kpartx -d image_you_want_to_convert.img
(We are excluding /lib/modules from the image, because the kernel modules shipped with berryboot are used instead, and shared with all distributions.)
Put your SquashFS formatted image on a USB stick, go to the “Operating system installer”, hold down your mouse button over “Add OS” and select “Install from USB stick.
If your image prefers to have a certain memory split use the extension .img128 .img192, .img224 or .img240 instead of .img.

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Re: Porteus Rasberry Pi?

Post#2 by brokenman » 17 Dec 2012, 15:35

See here and here
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Re: Porteus Rasberry Pi?

Post#3 by WildeGeist » 23 Jan 2013, 01:12

I think the thing your working on is this:

The SoC is a Broadcom BCM2835. This contains an ARM1176JZFS, with floating point, running at 700Mhz, and a Videocore 4 GPU. The GPU is capable of BluRay quality playback, using H.264 at 40MBits/s. It has a fast 3D core accessed using the supplied OpenGL ES2.0 and OpenVG libraries. (I copied this from the Rasberry Pi Site)

Its an ARM thing. Which is more or less what I too am interested in getting Porteus as well as Slackware ARM doing.

If your serious about doing this, I will get a Rasberry too and work with you. My main goal is the Habey MITX 6500. But hey, its all good!
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