Rdp v6 or iTap Mobile RDP

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Rdp v6 or iTap Mobile RDP

Post#1 by matteo78 » 06 Dec 2012, 09:37


I would like to tell you that I like very much Porteus.

I just need an help.

I was looking for a Portable distro and Porteus is what I am looking for.
I just need a remote desktop connection to my Work Pc that is an rdp v6 with TS gateway.
I just found one software that can help me with that:


In no other software I can find the Gateway option to connect to my work pc.
I tried that software with my mint distro and with other distro and it works.

But I can't make it works with porteus.

I get a Relocation Error problem.

Do you know similar software with the gateway option for linux or do you know how to make the itap software working with porteus?

Tks very much for your help

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Re: Rdp v6 or iTap Mobile RDP

Post#2 by brokenman » 06 Dec 2012, 23:20

It appears as though this was compiled against a different version of glib and unfortunately they do not provide the source code as it is proprietary software.

The next best open project (adding TS support to freerdp) is still in development stages:
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