Liblinuxlive and slax to porteus migration

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Liblinuxlive and slax to porteus migration

Post#1 by jesmith » 28 Nov 2012, 15:01

I'm making the switch from Slax to Porteus, and some of my custom scripts were dependent on liblinuxlive, for this nifty function:

Code: Select all

Since liblinuxlive is gone from porteus, is there an analogous function someplace?

Or should I just hand copy the old liblinuxlive into my build? (Or would that be a bad idea for some reason?)


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Re: Liblinuxlive and slax to porteus migration

Post#2 by fanthom » 28 Nov 2012, 15:24

yes - you can use liblinuxlive without problems as our scripts does not rely on it so it wont interfere with anything.
(i hope it doesn't export any variables)
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