Bullet proof KDE4-32 bits Installation to USB

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Bullet proof KDE4-32 bits Installation to USB

Post#1 by wread » 28 Nov 2012, 12:52

Hi all!
As some members of the community have experienced difficulties installing KDE4 32-bits, I decided to post a bullet proof method to get it up and running the first time. Of course, you need the appropriate machine: a Pentium III with at least 1 GB ram at least. Multi-core processors are welcome, too, but not nescesary. This is 2-step way.

1.-Format your USB with ext4; download, untar, install and make bootable this Porteus-X in the USB: http://www.mediafire.com/?csva8vckup5kg8k. This 165 MB file has kernel, core and xorg in it. make it bootable the usual way: cd to /mnt/newusb/boot ant type ./lin_start_here.sh. Ignore the failed md5 sums of files still not present. Only care about 000-kernel, 001-core and 002-xorg. These md5sums must be ok.

Test your Step 1 starting your Porteus-X in text mode, login as root and type xconf (Enter) and then type xinit (Enter); in the white x-console you should be able to run x-appliccations. Try galculator, gparted, gnome-mplayer, etc. (you'll have to move the x-cursor into the white window to activate X). Then proceed to Step 2.

2.-Download http://www.mediafire.com/?3bl5dx8363qp346; this is 160MB, untar it, you will get three folders: base, images and rootcopy. Copy the contents of base into the base folder of Porteus-X, and copy the folders images and rootcopy into the porteus folder of Porteus-X. Reboot your new USB and select AF Mode; depending on your machine you are up and running KDE4.8.2-32 in 55 seconds (dual core, 4GB- ram) now.

This system has my configurations in rootcopy, you can change them to suit your taste. What i put in rootcopy:
- in etc/NetworkManager I put my NM connections (from my smart phone, home-modem and office-modem),
- in etc/rc.d I put my rc.local (install swapfile and ssh daemon),
- in etc/rules.d I put my android rules (you must edit it to suit your phone), so I can use adb to explore my phone.
-in opt/porteus-scripts I put settings for the android-modem and for the porteus packet manager (by brokenman),
-in root I put hidden files (you must click on the wrench top right to see them), these are various configurations:
.mc lets you move the midnight commander cursor with the arrows -left, right, up, down- and in .kde/share you will find in config keyboard, desktop, and related stuff, in wallpapers my wallpapers, in kwallet some data of mine.

You can add applications as you like, I myself have posted many production tools that run in KDE4. Others are still to come...

If you have any doubts or question, please reply to this post.

Enjoy :)
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