Compilation error, that use /usr/lib64/

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Compilation error, that use /usr/lib64/

Post#1 by peter86 » 25 Nov 2012, 14:21

Probably libvga used from Slackware installed without runing package initialization script.
So some programs (e.g. smpeg) can't find it /usr/lib64/ (no symbolic link),
This problem exist also in Slax 6.1.2
I propose to solve it:

ln -s `ls /usr/lib64/* | tail -n1` /usr/lib64/

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Re: Compilation error, that use /usr/lib64/

Post#2 by fanthom » 25 Nov 2012, 16:27

hello peter86,

yes - i have spot it also in aaa_elflibs package from slackware-14.0 while building porteus-2.0.
must be a bug in the slackbuild as is also missing.

no worries - will fix them all :wink:

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