Dark Theme for KDE4

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Dark Theme for KDE4

Post#1 by stalane » 26 Oct 2012, 08:37

A simple dark splash screen and KDM theme that will keep the kids away. I just put it together for Porteus/KDE4.


1. KDE4 Splash Screen


Instructions: 'Systems Settings' / 'Workspace Appearance' / 'Splash Theme' choose 'Install Theme File'

2. KDE4 KDM Login Screen


Instructions: In 'Systems Settings' / 'Login Screen' / 'Theme' choose 'Install New Theme'

3. Wallpaper Image


Instructions: As root. Copy the following file to /usr/share/wallpapers. Then right Click on your Desktop and choose 'Desktop Settings' - The new image should be in the list. Highlight it and click 'Apply'