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MOFO Linux is secure, free (as in freedom and beer), and effective in penetrating "national firewalls" designed to inhibit freedom of speech. It's a specialized version of Porteus Linux, designed for overcoming internet filtering and surveillance imposed by service providers, governments, or other entities.
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Noob Here

Post#1 by whataday » 05 Oct 2012, 13:15

I have a 2Gb partition on Hard drive for MOFO linux.

Win 7 64, Ubuntu 12.04 64 with Grub

How do I install MOFO linux on the 2Gb partition along side of the other OS's?

Thank You

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Re: Noob Here

Post#2 by Iapetus » 05 Oct 2012, 15:44

Hi, whataday :)

I've never installed MOFO so I'm not familiar with any different cheatcodes, etc., it might use from Porteus. But, given that it is based on Porteus, you should be able to install it simply by putting the files from the MOFO ISO on your 2gb partition and add an entry in your Ubuntu grub's menu.lst that points to the kernel, initrd, and includes your desired cheatcodes, e.g.:

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title Mofo Linux 
root (hd1,2)
kernel /MOFO-files/boot/vmlinuz from_dev=/dev/sdb3 from_dir=/MOFO-files/mofo/ 
initrd /MOFO-files/boot/initrd.xz
Then, you could load MOFO through your ubuntu boot menu (grub). In this case, your MOFO ISO would be extracted to /mnt/sdb3/MOFO-files.

You should also check inside the iso to see what folders contain the data, I was just guessing that it is 'boot' and 'mofo'. Also have a look at their extlinux config file (probably /boot/mofo.cfg or something like that) to see what cheatcodes they use.


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