Install Porteus in full edition on ext4 partition

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Install Porteus in full edition on ext4 partition

Post#1 by kalo86 » 04 Oct 2012, 00:40

Hi guys,
I'm a Porteus user and I cannot leave Porteus. Why?
Because Porteus is very good, it's the fastest Linux system that I have tested, I learned how to compile a custom kernel, I know the mechanisms of Porteus and I like to boot Porteus with full root access with the simple cheatcode "toroot".
After this important show about me and Porteus, now I have different needs:

1) I always use Porteus to compile Android Source code (AOSP) and I need to run at the best value of RAM (for now 8GB);
2) I would like to see my files on the Desktop and not always remember to move them to a not live partition;
3) I would like to take advantage of my all 8GB of RAM and not to take a part of RAM for the live file system.

Is there a way to maintain the Porteus structure in a "full Linux"? That means to run Porteus not in live version.
For example: I turn on my PC and I choose the Linux EXT4 partition where I installed Porteus.

I thought to copy the content of every file and folder which are in the root folder / of the live filesystem to my EXT4 partition.
Will it work? How can I manage to boot that partition?

Thank you for helping me, comments are very appreciated and sorry for my poor English :beer:


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Re: Install Porteus in full edition on ext4 partition

Post#2 by Ahau » 04 Oct 2012, 04:44

Hi kalo86,

I'm glad you like Porteus!

We don't officially support doing an extracted hard disk install of Porteus. Instead, we suggest that users should install a minimal Slackware instead. I do think there was a script floating around for Slax and/or Porteus to accomplish that, but I'm not sure where it was...

That said, I think you can accomplish your goals with a frugal installation. Just install Porteus to your ext4 partition like you would to your USB drive, and you can then run with saved changes, specifying a folder on your ext4 partition (no save.dat is required for this). The amount of RAM used by this is minimal, as the files are stored and read from the modules and changes on disk. I don't think it would even really make a dent in 8GB. You can also add the use of a swap partition on your hard drive.

You could keep folders visible on your desktop by using "magic folders" and running without saved changes as well, but by running with saved changes you are keeping more free RAM (as changed files get placed on your hard disk instead).

I hope that helps, let us know if you need any clarification or have any other questions :)
Please take a look at our online documentation, here. Suggestions are welcome!

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