How to compile KDE4-32 bits programs

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How to compile KDE4-32 bits programs

Post#1 by wread » 24 Sep 2012, 12:33

Hi all!

Users of KDE4-32 bits that may have tried to compile KDE4 programs, have for sure found compile failures due to mixing of TDE with KDE4 header files, a problem that I have solved as follows:

- start your KDE4-32 bits system (as root) and move 003-lxde.xzm from "base" to optional,
- rename 007-devel.xzm to 003-devel.xzm,
- reboot.

Explanation: In the normal position, 007-devel is breaking 004-kde4. Moving "devel" to 003 will avoid that; I guess 004-kde4 is breaking something in 003-devel now, but you get your program compiled.

Until the correct version of 007-devel for KDE4-32 bits is available (I will try to produce a 007-devel4.xzm) the way explained above will do the job.

BTW, taking 003-lxde out, will cure the ugly Network Manager icons in your panel!

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