Mobile Broadband

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Mobile Broadband

Post#1 by heidi » 26 Aug 2012, 09:01

I have been running Porteus 1.2 i486 for a few days, and have just updated to the new kernel.

I am using a Huawei E160E for mobile broadband.

I was able to boot LXDE, open Network Manager, set it up, and connect to the internet. It appears to work correctly.

In KDE, I was unable to find Network Manager in the menu. It may be a good idea to add it (or is it there but I have not seen it). (It can be set up by clicking on the network icon in the bottom right of the screen, I think.)

After setting it up in LXDE, I was able to boot KDE, and connect to the internet. However, when the modem is connected, an icon appears on the desktop, calling it a rewritable CD.

I think the first step is to see what happens in Slackware. I don't have time to install Slackware.

I have been using this a very short time, so things may get clearer in the future.

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Re: Mobile Broadband

Post#2 by brokenman » 27 Aug 2012, 00:13

Thanks Heidi.

I will add NM to the internet menu item for next version. As you say, it can be used from the tray icon. You can also run: nm-connection-editor from a console to bring up the dialog box.

As for your incorrect icon on the desktop, i will have to hook up my phone to test. Relevant settings should be found in the control panel under file associations.
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