Porteus v1.2 update

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Porteus v1.2 update

Post#1 by fanthom » 17 Aug 2012, 19:58

Here is a kernel and initrd update for porteus-1.2.

what's new?

a) linux-3.4.9 + BFS-424 which fixes kernel oopses on heavy I/O load.
confirmed on Con Kolivas blog:
and also by jcuk who reported it to me - many thanks for that.
new kernel closes also another bug reported by oranus in this thread:

it is highly recommended to upgrade to the new kernel as the original one supplied with Porteus-1.2 may cause a data corruption in some cases.

b) tiny linuxrc changes:
- fixed pxe booting not finding xzm modules (not a regular issue but happened few times to me)
- in case of using 'copy2ram' removable media will be mounted by default /mnt/sdXY if changes are saved on them (no need to use 'noeject' cheatcode). thanks to steve123 for report.
- added support for ati-fglrx-legacy driver (HD2000-HD4000 series) to the vga_detect cheatcode

Posted after 3 days 11 hours 49 minutes 17 seconds:
Just today i have added GPU drivers/crippled_sources/VirtualBox compiled against new linux-3.4.9 kernel.
Since version 12.4 fglrx driver is split on "current": HD5000-HD7000 series and "legacy": HD2000-HD4000 branches. This is upstream decision and we can't do much about it.
In case of porteus the corresponding modules will be named as "ati-fglrx" for current and "ati-fglrx-legacy" for legacy branch.
vga_detect cheatcode has been updated to reflect these changes (please test if it's working as expected).

Be aware that new drivers have "porteus-v1.2_update" in the name to not be confused with the old ones.

Please go and get new stuff from here:

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