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Forum features

Post#1 by jayflood » 28 Dec 2010, 05:07

The forum has had the following makeover
  • Added chat box to bottom of forum.
    Handed admin control of forum over to Blaze.
    Added SSL layer for website.
    Blaze changed style.
    Blaze pimped the smilies.
If there is anything you want, please let Blaze know. His PHP Foo is strong!

Forum announcements and latest release threads are read only.

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DEV Team
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Re: Forum features

Post#2 by Blaze » 09 Jan 2011, 08:46

  • Added Posts merging
  • Added localizations: Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German (Casual Honorifics)‎, Polish
  • Added meta tags into overall_header.html
  • Small fix for search engine optimization
  • Added Simple SEO Mod
  • Added RSS
  • Added support a BB Codes: left, center, right, s
  • Added solved_topic Mod
  • Added mod: Thanks for posts (thanks karis for French localization)
  • Added favicon
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