Make HFS images

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Make HFS images

Post#1 by don570 » 14 Jul 2012, 20:26

I made a simple gtkdialog script to
make an HFS image.

Here is the module.

This is useful in Emulation of a MAC computer by Puppy linux.
This allows files to be transferred to Client side (i.e. the MAC)
in the form of an image.
Just put the file(s) you want to transfer into a folder and
make an HFS image ---> it will have .dsk extension

Basilisk II emulator ---> two methods of mounting the image

1) At launch list the image in front window of Basilisk

2) Use file sharing (Appletalk needs to be ON')
And mount with disk copy by apple

It's a good practise to use the extension .dsk for your
images that will be used ( if they are HFS). My script creates images
that use the old Mac file system known as HFS. The modern
SYSTEM X mac computers use a different file system known as HFS+
which is incompatible and the images use the extension .dmg

Note that the emulator mini v MAC allows dragging any type of file into the emulator window.
It will convert it into a blank image!! But this practise is dangerous since it zeros the file to make it a blank image.
Beware !! Data will be wiped out. You get a warning when
you drag the file into the emulator window but be careful anyway.
However when you drag a genuine image created by my script into
window it will mount correctly.