[Solved] SWAP, cache cleaning and module deactivation?

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[Solved] SWAP, cache cleaning and module deactivation?

Post#1 by miguipda » 09 Jul 2012, 08:36


I have two question in regard of my last Porteus 1.2 64 bits installation.

1) What about SWAP partition and / or file ?
Must we or not use SWAP partition or file ?
if well how to do it ?

2) To be sure to always a clean computer how can we clear all the cache ?

3) When we install programs with PPM it save them in the module folder, activate them and sometimes put some needed icons in the K menu.
But when we deactivate them they stay in the module folder and do not remove the K menu icons.
Then is it somewhere a setting to automatically remove the module in the module folder where it was saved to and another setting to automatically delete the program icon that was inserted in the K menu ?

Sincerely thanks and have a nice day,

Miguipda ;-)
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Re: [?] What about SWAP, cache cleaning and module deactivat

Post#2 by fanthom » 09 Jul 2012, 12:07

1) not sure if i understand your question. i will try to describe how swap is treated in porteus:
a) when porteus boots all swap partitions are activated and used in parallel (useful when you have 2 drives with one swap partition on each - they work in mode similar to "RAID 0")
b) if you dont want to use swap then you can boot with 'noswap' cheatcode ('nohd' disables all disks so swap partitions are also not available)
c) if you want to create and use additional swap file then please refer to FAQ answer 20 (please also read all other Q/A's)

2) when i'm booting from usb on somebodys PC and dont want to be tracked i'm using following combination: 'nonetwork nocd nohd from_dev=UUID:xxx-xxx-xx-x'. obviously i dont use 'changes=' cheat as well. in this case i'm sure i wont leave any dumps of my activity anywhere (even in network logs on the server).

if you have used 'changes=' cheat on your PC then it's enough to delete following folders from the path: changes, images and xino.
if you are using 'magic folders' then you have to delete folders which were used for pairing (or boot with 'nomagic' cheat)
clearing up /porteus/rootcopy folder is the last step (or boot with 'norootcopy' cheat)

3) please provide download link to the module which is not wiped from the menu after deactivation.
deactivation wont remove module from the storage folder. you must do it manually and i prefer to leave it as is to avoid mistakes (deleted modules will be hard to recover for unexperienced linux users).
Please add [Solved] to your thread title if the solution was found.

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