Screen or mouse?

Here you can post about your various experiences with PC hardware. You can also post about hardware that is not compatible with the linux kernel or not recommended for use with Porteus.
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Screen or mouse?

Post#1 by brokenman » 08 Jan 2011, 08:17

Got a strange thing happening that i just can't figure out.

Sometimes i lose my mouse cursor. I figured out after a while that if i move cursor out of right hand side of screen it just keep going. For example if i move it out t the left of the screen it stops hard up against the left of the screen. If i move it 'three touchpad slides' passed the right side of the screen ... i have to make 'three touchpad slides' to the left before it becomes visible again.

It is almost as if it is acting like a second monitor is attached (a dual monitor setup) but it is not. I'll figure it out eventually ... or attach second monitor.

Was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this.
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Re: Screen or mouse?

Post#2 by WildeGeist » 06 Mar 2012, 07:37

On my MacBook, I had exactly the same thing happen trying to run Arch Bang 2011.11 . Worse than that, if I used less than three fingers, it acted as a right click, and the curser would land on the INSTALL button. So it was spooky trying to log out. Actually I opted to just crash (running live).

I notice a lot of differences in how my 'nix acts running "Live" over different OS's or different partition schemes. If what is on the HD is an ext4 or ext2, almost all my Live ones fly perfect. If its a ZFS or UFS, then Debian types seem to have issues. All the Slack ones seem to 'make it' with a little "nomodeset" or what I do (I have no clue if its a valid one, but it works?) is 'nomodeset nvidia' on Porteus, and it works over all I have tried so far.

Porteus 1.1 & Porteus 1.2rc

I am borderline ready to try to try Porteus on my HD. Not sure yet if it will cling on to the existing partition scheme or not of OS X? Kind of thinking of doing a ZFS with OpenIndiana real quick, and run Porteus over it? I have to be careful, I only have WiFi access and its S L O W at 12kbps average.

I am very new here as of TODAY 6, March 2012, and need to read up on adding modules to my iso. I am very excited to find Porteus. I am actually trying to learn FreeBSD well enough to replace my OS X with it. But my mentor, a Professional IT guy in Canada suggested I learn with Slackware and keep plugging along on Vbox with FreeBSD. With the deathly slow Internet we have in Saipan, most 'rolling releases like Arch/Arch Bang/ do not make it long. Before I can upgrade/update the newer upgrades are in the mirrors before I am done!

I have a personal beef with Apple over a stolen MacBook which allowed my identity to be stolen and abused causing me much grief. Apple refused to cooperate with Authorities in Los Angeles, so I am stuck with being unable to even get my own bank account again, or even a drivers license! And, OS X is turning into something like my Android phone which I do not care for one bit. So I am double-dog interested in getting rid of OS X on my MacBook Pro, and run Porteus if I have to, to learn my other Unix on VBox/VM from there. Ubuntu and openSuse will work, but neither make me feel like I am learning much. I much prefer looking deeper into this Porteus project; it seems as incredible, or even moreso than Arch to me. Very fantastic stuff here!

Down the road I want to build an Interactive Terminal kind of like a talking/listening Emacs to replace the huge GUI Desktops. I like Open Box size & style Desktops. I think between Xorg and LISP a souped up Terminal would be cool, to help teach commands, and multitask with. Its a dream. I also want to get a Software Defined Radio built on FreeBSD to show the HAM Radio people that FreeBSD can do work too. I know this is Linux, so sorry for all the FreeBSD talk. I just like FreeBSD as much as I do Slackware; I want both! Its just easier for me to get a Slack running than it is for me to build and configure a FreeBSD. Honestly, I have yet to succeed with FreeBSD. After about 3 or 4 days, I bungle it up to such a mess, I have to start over. But I am learning.

Sorry too for the length here. This is my first post, so kind of did all of it in one. My future ones will hopefully count.


Georg Curnutt
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