Porteus kernel on new kit works a treat

Here you can post about your various experiences with PC hardware. You can also post about hardware that is not compatible with the linux kernel or not recommended for use with Porteus.
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Porteus kernel on new kit works a treat

Post#1 by justwantin » 20 Jun 2012, 13:07

After 6 years on my desktop it was time for some upgrading. Probably not the most recent hardware but I was looking for at least 3 pci1 slots. MSI77A-GA43 mobo, with intel i5-3450 cpu and GeForce GT440 graphic card. I had both slack-current (last week) and salix 13.37 as a dual boot setup and on either I could not get the gigabyte on board nic to work, I had IRQ problems requiring lilo.conf appends, I had heaps of hda spurious response messages, could not get the nvidia card to be recognised by its chipset and the intel graphics mods were not being loaded either so all I had was default xorg.conf-vesa graphics. Leave something encoding, walk away for an hour or so and my mouse pointer has become unresponsive.

I plugged in the this Porteus stick and it was like a new world. Dvd video was good with intelfb. No silly spurious response messages or IRQ drops, I shut down, took out my never fail 10 yr old 8139 nic, booted into bios, enabled the onboard nic and disabled the onboard graphics. Nividia card properly recognised and nouveau mod loaded. Onboard nic recognised (i8169) and ifconfig tells me I've been given an ip. Dyd video of course is much better and I can now install Nvidia driver if I want.

I must say thank you so much.. Great work! After a day of fiddling around I was almost sick thinking I had blown my lunch money for the next year on gear I would have to struggle to get working right if ever. At least now I know it can run right.

I don't mind Porteus installed to hdd on the netbook (it works great) but I don't think it'll do as my desktop distro. would there be much more if any to do with my compiling a kernel with :wall: the Porteus kernel config and the 3.3.4 source for use on my salix and slack? installs?