NEW ALSA would solve my Asus Xonar problems, Jack detection

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NEW ALSA would solve my Asus Xonar problems, Jack detection

Post#1 by Lukas » 11 Jun 2012, 04:50

Hi there
I'm using Asus Xonar audio card based on CMI8788 (Oxygen) driver included in ALSA. Since ALSA is so straight forward and stable it should not be a problem to update it from currently in use to, 1.0.25 version. If You would like to look at it - here is the link to changelog ... .29_driver

My second suggestion or i rather say puzzle is, how it is with this Jack detection thing? Is it acctually working?
This feature would save me from hearing impairment. I couldn't say it better myself than this "Currently, this buys us the ability to manage volumes for different outputs separately, and future work will allow more advanced features like easing the set up of multichannel output, etc. " but this is from ... /Notes/2.0

As far as distrowatch is right we aren't using Pulse Audio. Has it something to do with the disrepute of first ekhm "stable" version of it or are there performance footprint issues?

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Re: NEW ALSA would solve my Asus Xonar problems, Jack detect

Post#2 by fanthom » 11 Jun 2012, 06:24

hi Lukas,

a) i'll upgrade to alsa 1.0.25 and check if if wont break deps in official repo. if not then we can go with it to 1.2 final.

b) not sure if jack detection works as i never used it (anyone?)
c) pulseaudio is not present in official slackware at all. as you know slack is a bit conservative with pulling new stuff like PA, systemd, pam etc...
i have played with PA-2.0 already (in 64bit edition) but without much luck.

you should be able to compile 1.1 version from slackbuilds without problems: ... ulseaudio/

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