More Feeback !

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More Feeback !

Post#1 by BobW » 21 Apr 2012, 20:00


More feedback.

Porteus Linux appeared to be just what I needed. A portable Linux environment that I could use on various Windows machines without using their native OS. USB Stick appeared the best option as I could save settings to it.

Downloaded the ISO, read the Info Docs, and the FAQ.
Copied the two CD folders onto the Root of a 2Gb USB (FAT32) flash drive.
Ran the hta file.
Success !!

The only item that I had to read twice was the .dat container location, but that's because you Linux guys have some weird way of inputting directory structures on GUI's :)

All in all, 22 minutes from coming across the web site to booting into Porteus Linux 1.1 from a USB flash drive (and that includes 5 minutes messing with a CD). It also appears to manage my screen layout a whole lot better than Fedora 14 on a Dell laptop.

Nice mix - looking forward to 1.2 !


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Re: More Feeback !

Post#2 by brokenman » 21 Apr 2012, 23:57

Thanks for posting.

Good to see someone finds it easy to install. I found it odd that another feedback thread complained about not being able to install porteus to a USB (after 20 years of tech experience) which has seen me working more on the installer app. Welcome to porteus and glad to have you aboard.
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