'Porteus' as a new name for 'Slax-Remix' project!

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'Porteus' as a new name for 'Slax-Remix' project!

Post#1 by fanthom » 05 Jan 2011, 12:03

Hello everybody,

I'm happy to announce a new name for our project - from now on it's named 'Porteus'.
In the poll organized last week the winning name was 'Proteus' but after short discussion with Jayflood we have decided to go with 'Porteus' (not 'Proteus') as it gives less hits when searched on google.

'Porteus' is a merge of 2 words: 'Portablility' and 'Proteus'.
'Proteus' is a "Greeks god of the sea, capable of changing his form at will". I find this name as a kind of synonym of 'flexibility' adjective.

We have portable(small) and flexible(modular) features included in one name: Porteus.
Wish to also have 'fast' hidden somewhere but it's rather not possible :)

New name means a lot of work for us as every script, logo, document, tutorial, HOWTO needs to be updated with it. I would like to kindly ask all users for checking their posts on this forum and replace remix, UnknownOS, fanthomX, etc names with 'Porteus' - where it's required. If tutorial refers to 'Slax' distro (like markds HOWTO), please do not update it, and just mention that it works ok with Porteus.

Thanks a lot for your help,
Porteus Team
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