USB Dongle

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USB Dongle

Post#1 by X-Factor » 05 Jan 2011, 06:34

As i mention somewhere in the post i have GSM modem stick n now CDMA modem stick.
From the manufacture specification GSM has maximum space for "virtual CD" of 32 MB
where as this CDMA i'm guessing at 48 MB (from 1024/ 2n calculation)
On the Vir CD it occupy 37 MB but when i copy to usb/HDD only register 31 MB, my guess the reminder is either encrypted or its a machine code/script.

according to the site ubuntu, fedora, open suse work out of the box.
I briefly test by copying /boot n /slax to the mass storage ( put 4Gb MicroSD ) after reboot doesn't recognize it ( yep edit my G4D menu ), will try the usb_modeswitch later on though.

Check my X-file folder for the linux bit ok. I got the feeling it only recognize this particular ISP and only in ID, cause i try with my other CDMA simcard and it =@
Will try to tested again in the next couple of days under porteus.
I've been confine to my quarter

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