AbiWord-2.8.6 (GTK2+ Word Processor)

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AbiWord-2.8.6 (GTK2+ Word Processor)

Post#1 by hypomania » 28 Jan 2012, 21:32

AbiWord-2.8.6 (GTK2+ Word Processor) 5.45 MB
AbiWord Personal is a lean and fast full-featured word processor. It can import many formats including Word97/2000 and RTF, Palm, Psion, DocBook and XHTML documents, and can export to RTF, Palm, Psion, XHTML, Text, and LaTeX formats Linux Journal calls it "An elegant, open source word processor that delivers the Word functionality most people use."

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Re: AbiWord-2.8.6 (GTK2+ Word Processor)

Post#2 by brokenman » 31 Jan 2012, 00:25

Thanks. Good to see you around again Arabic_World!
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