Init Security Concerns...

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Init Security Concerns...

Post#1 by n0ctilucient » 24 Nov 2018, 15:37

Love it or hate it Systemd is here to stay.
(Still mileage may very, and so as with many things... "the devil :evil: is in the details")

Therefore with that said, this could mean... there could be cause for concern.

"Consider" this... @ one time, there were concerns about the dismissive mentality that still persists in the systemd project to this day.
Systemd's "we don't make mistakes" attitude towards security can be seen in other places... ... _one_tweet
From Linus...
None of this "I can do whatever I want, others have to clean up after me" crap.

"Consider" also... the problem of mitigating an increased exploit Attack surface .
The systemd developers understand none of this, opting to cram an enormous amount of unnecessary complexity into PID 1, which runs as root and is written in a memory-unsafe language. ... _one_tweet
:hmmm: I do NOT have the "right" to tell anyone what they should do...
but I reserve the "right" to tell them what they should "consider".

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