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Posted: 21 Sep 2012, 14:31
by crashman
Hi all.

I made next lightweight distro based on version 1.1 of Porteus and with fluxbox v1.3.2 window manager.
Porteus-1.1-fbox is dedicated for polish users but english version is also available, need only choose from bootmenu.


What is in .iso file ?

Opera 11.62 with plugins: ad-block, geodata for IP, translator and more.
Opera 11.62.xzm module is clean and if you want newest version of opera - make it.
Opera-settings.xzm is all changes for opera and flashplayer11.1.102 in a separate module with dependencies.

KeepassX - password manager.
FileZilla-3.5.3 - ftp client.
Tlen- and Pidgin-2.7.11 - the universal chat client.
Wireshark and aircrack-ng - for cracking wifi.
Medit-0.9.4 - text editor.
Geeqie-1.0 - image viewer.
Gnome-mplayer-1.0.4 - standard Porteus media player.
Audacious-2.4.2 - audio player.
Spacefm-0.7.6 and Doublecommander- two file managers.
Wine-1.5.2 - for run windows applications.

Additional programs are:

urxvt as standard terminal emulator.

For download porteus-1.1-fbox file please go to: and scroll down the article.
if you want to make a suggestion or you have problems with this distro, please let us know in this forum.


Re: Porteus-1.1-fbox

Posted: 21 Sep 2012, 16:19
by Hamza
Wonderful ! 8)

Where did you got this awesome wallpaper ?

Re: Porteus-1.1-fbox

Posted: 21 Sep 2012, 18:14
by crashman
I do not remember I downloaded from the network a long time ago.

Re: Porteus-1.1-fbox

Posted: 22 Oct 2015, 23:25
by aus9
where did image come from?

You can search for are results ... d063007f3/

based on the current size this looks the closest ... lde_01.jpg

Re: Porteus-1.1-fbox

Posted: 23 Oct 2015, 01:42
by Ed_P
:bad: IMO Posting to a thread dead for 3 yrs is a waste of resources.