Porteus module activation status

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Porteus module activation status

Post#76 by jssouza » 18 Mar 2018, 18:55

ncmprhnsbl, Thanks for testing :)
ncmprhnsbl wrote:
17 Mar 2018, 08:21
seems to have trouble with dirs with only one module in them(unless added via the dialog)
eg. booted with extramod=/mnt/sdb2/KDE (which contained one module) and although that module is listed, it is under 'other' not 'KDE'
Strange, I tested with two extramod dirs, one containing one module and the the other two and both seemed to work.
ncmprhnsbl wrote:
17 Mar 2018, 08:21
but not directly edited, right?
Didnt get you, any dir entry in $HOME/.config/lsmodules should show the modules contained in that directory, instead of activated modules in that directory in 'other'.

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Porteus module activation status

Post#77 by ncmprhnsbl » 18 Mar 2018, 21:10

ok, it might have been something to do with the way i was running it: via dolphins built in terminal : kdesu ./lsmodules
but i did run it first as guest, so i was probably looking at the wrong $HOME/.conf/lsmodules/
i'll test some more..
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