FIDOSlax 3.1.1-stable and FIDOSlax 1.1.1-retro is out

FIDOSlax - Hybrid Linux Distribution with FIDONet software included.
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FIDOSlax 3.1.1-stable and FIDOSlax 1.1.1-retro is out

Post#1 by Falcony » 21 Nov 2016, 05:18

1. FIDOSlax 3.1.1-stable is out

Added VPN pptpd and sstp-client, firefox' setting setupo to block ads and statistics on pages.

Size fidoslax-desktop-edition-3.1.1-stable-x86.iso: 1,5 Gb

MD5: 19d416a1b1094771cc67e6a98c7beb56

2. FIDOSlax 1.1.1 Retro is out

Kernel 3.1.1, Trinity DE(KDE3), updated only popular application - firefox, tor-browser and etc.

Size fidoslax-retro-edition-1.1.1-x86.iso: 1 Gb

MD5: c95b6d44a80f4db393abefd544a94151

Updated documentation in Russian ... stable.pdf

To download new ISO DVDs please use link on main page

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