FIDOSlax 3.1.1 is out

FIDOSlax - Hybrid Linux Distribution with FIDONet software included.
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FIDOSlax 3.1.1 is out

Post#1 by Falcony » 03 Nov 2016, 14:38

What is new in 3.1.1

Updated modules:‭ ‬mpg123,‭ ‬qemu 2.7.0,‭ ‬Firefox 45.4.0,‭ ‬Tor Browser ‬6.0.5,‭ ‬Opera stable‭_‬41.0.2353.46‭;
Added new modules:‭ ‬Acrobat‭ ‬Reader,‭ ‬Calibre‭,‭ ‬Chromium,‭ ‬cvs,‭ ‬git,‭ ‬Imagemagick,‭ ‬Ruby,‭ ‬Subversion,‭ ‬torrent tixati,‭ ‬torrent ‬bitflu,‭ ‬Qbittorrent,‭ ‬php,‭ ‬samba‭ ‬and much other;
Arhiver for GUI changed Xarchiver‭ ‬to ‬PeaZip‭;
Many ready to use modules - about 1,2 Gb in porteus/program;
binkd FIDO mailer updated.

Updated documentation in Russian ... v3.1.1.pdf
To download ISO DVD please use link on main page

fidoslax-desktop-edition-3.1.1-x86.iso: 1,5 Гб
MD5: 2a08c4034f209a6b37ae774fba0bb137

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