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NEMESYS logo :p

Posted: 19 Jul 2019, 17:22
by M. Eerie
Some little artwork to solve this issue by Rava :Rose:

Requirements and steps to recreate:
You'll need a pattern.png brush in the same directory as the script. I'm using this:

  1. Open terminal wherever your texteffect2 is and paste this:

    Code: Select all

    chmod +x ./texteffect2
    ./texteffect2 -t "NemeSYS" -e normal -s glow -f Sandoval -p 200 -tf "pattern.png" -gc black -gw 7 -bg none png:- | display png:-
    You should get something like this:
  2. Save the created logo (right click to show menu).
  3. Launch Gimp and open your saved logo
  4. Press u to select the magic wand tool (fuzzy selection) and raise the threshold level to something like 50
  5. Invert selection (Ctrl+i)
  6. Take the Stripes 48x48 brush pattern and drag it to the logo
  7. Duplicate the logo layer Ctrl+Shift+d and move this second layer so that it creates a shading effect

You should end with something like this:


All this can be achieved with Imagemagick only. I'll try to update the script in order to do everything from there.

Have fun!