Upscaling images better than Photoshop or GIMP can do -

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Upscaling images better than Photoshop or GIMP can do -

Post#1 by Rava » 16 Nov 2022, 09:08

If you have a low scale image and want to pimp it up (meaning upscaling it) but you are less than satisfied with the result using e.g. GIMPs or mtpaint's Unsharp Mask, you can make use of 's Neural Network :
Single-Image Super-Resolution for Anime-Style Art using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks. And it supports photo.
When you use Firefox or Palemoon or other FFx variants the download of the displayed image will not work. At least for my PM the CTRL+S key to save the image did never work - in stark contrast of what itself claims.
Therefore I always use the [ Download ] button.

Be patient, it takes a few seconds for the neural network to process your image and thus takes a short while until the "save image as..." window will appear.
Yours Rava

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