VirtualBox - Error on both v4 & v5

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VirtualBox - Error on both v4 & v5

Post#16 by Kulle » 19 Feb 2021, 08:42

Hi fulalas,
I'm surprised, but VirtualBox-6.1.18-porteus-v5.0-x86_64-1prt.xzm also runs on Porteus 4.0 Xfce.
How can that be?

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VirtualBox - Error on both v4 & v5

Post#17 by fulalas » 19 Feb 2021, 10:13

That's because you probably kept the same kernel. Vbox module is created for a given kernel version, and respecting that it should work on different Porteus versions (there's a limit of how far you can go, of course :P).

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