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Re: how remove the guest acount ?

Posted: 03 Nov 2012, 12:11
by amplatfus
usernew wrote:OK ,IM HAPPY.

i fix , no guest acount , no toroot cheat need fail messages around guesta count.

guest acount is totallu out of system..or i think this.

modified files

1-kdmrc line autologin=guest -------->>> autoligon=root
2-rc.M all lines whit guest instructions are deleted ...ejample s/autologin=guest/Autologin=root changed for ...only root line s/autologin=root ...
3-group file -...delete the last line (guest acount)
4-shadow delete the last line (guest acount)
5-passw file..deleting las line (guest acount)

this changes fix guest acount for me. more never more guest acount on system..or i think that,.

userdel -r guest ---->> say no guest acount on system
when start system whit telinit 4 ...user is root ...i try open other instance of system ..and only root option in menu ...

i think is fixed.

here xzm module ...for any one want remove guest acount.

very important , delete home/guest folder. and add this.

is the link violate your forum rules , sorry and delete.

thnx for all , very nice team here.
Dear usernew,

Could you please verify the link. I want to download xzm module.
PS: even new link is not working now ( )