Save file dose not work

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Save file dose not work

Post#16 by nanZor » 28 May 2019, 09:28

More windows tip and Porteus 64 bit... OT I know, but throwing it in for completeness...

Just in case you are using a large stick, say like 64gb where Windows wants to format it as an exFAT and not a FAT32 filesystem. This is a windows limitation we can overcome.

The windows based tool that Porteus provides inside it's iso works well. But for the purposes of getting a large usb stick to be FAT32 in the first place, we can use another ISO burner tool, RUFUS, to merely format a large drive to FAT32 as "non bootable" and force mbr/fat32 as part of it's arsenal of tools. For now, we'll ignore the iso-burning capability.

A similar tool found around is called "guiformat", which will do the same thing, BUT BEWARE! Unlike Rufus, which contains safety features so you don't accidentally format a windows boot disk, guiformat will do so if you are fat-fingered or in a hurry.

Another reason to use Rufus strictly for large-usb stick formatting to FAT32, is that it will clear out old mbr/gpt and other structures on sticks that seem to be cranky after having been formatted a thousand times with different things.

Sorry about getting OT here - but just like in the sbc world, sometimes a well-worn stick/card can be a nightmare source of problems if you don't start fresh on the right foot.
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