SSD Slow boot (solved)

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SSD Slow boot (solved)

Post#1 by AcnapyxoB » 05 May 2019, 05:58

I change my HD with 120GB SSD ADATA XPG SX950U and encountered the same problem as from Slow Porteus 3.2RC5 boot on SSD.

Normal boot with save.dat file is OK. But Always Fresh is taking long to load DE.

From reading from here and there I found that in another forum:
The system has long reached its default boot target before the kernel gathered enough entropy to initialize the pool.
Due to systemd requiring entropy at an early stage, it may happen though that the pool is depleted in the boot process without further kernel warnings.
Porteus 4.0 x86_64 XFCE, Cinnamon, tested with kernel 4.20, 5.0.10 and 5.0.12.
update: I take haveged-1.9.2-x86_64 from USM and put it in base folder, then I added cliexec=haveged~start in porteus.cfg and voila!
Now Always Fresh boots for 15 sec. :celebrate3:

If someone has encountered a similar problem it can help!
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SSD Slow boot

Post#2 by Ed_P » 05 May 2019, 14:15

I don't know the answer but Porteus doesn't use systemd.

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