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[Solved] Video Screensaver Issue

Posted: 30 Nov 2017, 15:46
by Ghosty
Hey there, I have an interesting problem.
I have Porteus running on an Intel NUC, in a kiosk, deployed in a mall with a touchscreen monitor and USB keyboard.
It plays a video screensaver with audio, in .mp4 format. I've had it reach the video from my webserver, and then made a custom image and stored it locally.
Reaching the video in either fashion works fantastically, until the kiosk sits for a period of time, playing the screensaver. After about 10 or more minutes, and a user interacts with it to wake it up, it freezes the system.
The video pauses, a page not responding window appears at the top, and the press F11 to exit shows up. However, the video is frozen to the screen, and alt-tabbing, etc., can not minimize it.
The only way out at that point that I've found is to reboot the NUC.

I presumed storing it locally would correct the issue, but it does not. And if a user interacts with it shortly after the screensaver starts, it functions as intended and wakes up to a website page.

Here is my Kiosk Configuration:

Code: Select all

wallpaper=http://*hidden* *hidden*
scheduled_action=Monday-00:00 Tuesday-00:00 Wednesday-00:00 Thursday-00:00 Friday-00:00 Saturday-00:00 Sunday-00:00 action:reboot
scheduled_action=Monday-07:00 Tuesday-07:00 Wednesday-07:00 Thursday-07:00 Friday-07:00 Saturday-07:00 Sunday-07:00 action:reboot
scheduled_action=Monday-13:00 Tuesday-13:00 Wednesday-13:00 Thursday-01:00 Friday-13:00 Saturday-13:00 Sunday-13:00 action:reboot
scheduled_action=Monday-18:00 Tuesday-18:00 Wednesday-18:00 Thursday-18:00 Friday-18:00 Saturday-18:00 Sunday-18:00 action:reboot 06-fonts.xzm 
Here is my Chrome Configuration; note: I don't actually apply these changes via the config file, I manually compiled these in the modules when I added the video.

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  "DefaultGeolocationSetting" : 1,
  "VirtualKeyboardEnabled" : 1,
  "ExtensionInstallWhitelist" : "cldokedgmomhbifmiiogjjkgffhcbaec",
  "DefaultPopupsSetting" : 2,
  "DefaultBrowserSettingEnabled" : false,
  "MetricsReportingEnabled" : false,
  "ExtensionInstallForcelist" : "cldokedgmomhbifmiiogjjkgffhcbaec;",
Any input would be greatly appreciated,


Video Screensaver Issue

Posted: 30 Nov 2017, 17:09
by fanthom
Hi Ghosty,

1) You should post kiosk related issues in the kiosk section of the forum only
2) You should never double parameters in kiosk config as only first one will be processed
3) This policy works for ChromeOS only:
"VirtualKeyboardEnabled" : 1,

Your issue is probably caused by video drivers which (depending on NUC model) may be not good enough for continuous playback
If you had more kiosks which play video then i would consider investing into customized build which would use VLC + hardware acceleration for the screensaver video instead of Chrome + software decoding,


Video Screensaver Issue

Posted: 30 Nov 2017, 18:05
by Ghosty

1, Duly noted, thank you.
2, Also duly noted, I had my suspicions.
3, Thank you, good to know.

That is interesting, I'll have to try it with something a little beefier then.

Thank you!