[solved] Minimum RAM requirements?

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[solved] Minimum RAM requirements?

Post#1 by thewiz » 08 Oct 2017, 16:57

What should be considered minimum memory (RAM) requirement for running porteus kiosk? I'm looking at running it on an Intel NUC, so it would most likely have at least 2 GB of RAM. Would that be considered a "safe" minuímum for normal booting from a USB memory stick, or possibly an internal drive? Since it seems to boot just fine from USB, I'm considering skipping the internal drive altogether.

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Minimum RAM requirements?

Post#2 by fanthom » 08 Oct 2017, 17:11

1GB should be considered as minimum RAM requirement as kiosk system is copied entirely into RAM during boot.
2GB will be enough for 99% of use cases.

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